Hillary Banachowski / Owner and Queen of Sacred Roots

Hillary is the farm manager, herbalist, herb grower and event coordinator behind Sacred Roots. She has studied and practiced herbal medicine over the past 12 years . Prior to starting Sacred Roots, Hillary tended the medicinal herb gardens for Dr. Jim Duke at the Green Farmacy Garden.

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David Browne /Ancestral Skills 

David Browne is a forager whose passion is found in practicing traditional skills that foster self reliance and contribute to the health of our world. His focus is on foraging for wild food.

David is our resident tree tapper,and forest tender.   https://www.facebook.com/david.browne.9277



Andrea Jannotta / Tea Ceremony Goddess

Andrea practices Cha Dao, or "The Way Of Tea" and offers tea ceremonies here at Sacred Roots and at other events.  Andrea is also involved in the death positive movement and is training to become a community death doula. If you are interested in her offerings, feel free to email her at andreajanno@gmail.com  

Andrea is one of our fabulous herb garden fairies as well.


Alex Dugas / Writer 

Alex Dugas is a writer and wanderer from New Hampshire. His topics of interest range from radical environmentalism and comparative mythology to outhouses and bad tattoos. His activities at Sacred Roots include woodworking, gardening, nunchucking, and cat-whispering.