Hillary Banachowski / Queen Bee of Sacred Roots

Hillary is the farm manager, community herbalist, herb grower , teacher and event coordinator behind Sacred Roots . She has been immersed in the herbal world for well over a decade - studying and practicing in the Western, Ayurvedic, and Folk Herbalism traditions. Prior to starting Sacred Roots in 2012, Hillary tended the medicinal herb gardens for Dr. Jim Duke at the Green Farmacy Garden.

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David Browne / Earth Skills

David is the Earth skills go to guy and hut maker extraordinaire.


Andrea Jannotta / Licensed Massage Therapist

Andrea is a licensed massage therapist offering holistic bodywork and somatic meditation. You can schedule a session with her either outdoors here at Sacred Roots or in downtown Shepherdstown. Call or text for rates and to schedule an appointment. She also offers tea ceremonies here on the land and at other events and gatherings.



Alex Dugas / Handyman

Alex is a writer, martial artist, handyman, and carpenter. He specializes in home repairs and custom woodworking projects. To pitch a job, or order a custom bench or garden bed, you can contact him at

Dr. Adam M. Davis / Naturalist

Adam is an experienced, multidisciplinary naturalist. Information about his earth and environmental consulting services is available at


Maya Clark / Land Muse

Maya is a singer/songwriter, multi faceted artist, barista, garden faerie,  and an awesome cook.