About Our Herbs


From seed to soil to flower .... there are so many ways we strive to work in harmony with the land.

  • No herbicide or pesticide use
  • Grown on our solar powered farm
  • Organic and heirloom seeds
  • Organic soil
  • Gravity fed drip irrigation from rain barrels
  • Regenerative agriculture: cover crops, compost, manure, no till gardening, sheet mulching, intercropping
  • Harvested and processed by hand
  • Pollinator friendly plants and insectary plants for natural pest control
  • Endangered and at risk plants
  •  Biodynamic agriculture
  • Member of United Plant Savers / Botanical Sanctuary
  • Certified Naturally Grown



There are so many wonderful organizations that we would like to shine  a light on. Here are just a few of our favorites. Check them out !!!

Herbalists Without Borders  https://www.hwbglobal.org/

United Plant Savers    https://unitedplantsavers.org/

Compassion WV          http://compassionwv.org/

The Xerces Society     https://xerces.org/