About Our Herbs


Everything we do here is by hand...small batch, handpicked, homegrown. and with love and respect for the land and all beings.  From seed to soil to flower, there are so many ways we strive to work in harmony with the land.  

  • No herbicide or pesticide use
  • Grown on our solar powered farm
  • Organic and heirloom seeds
  • Organic soil
  • Gravity fed drip irrigation from rain barrels
  • Regenerative agriculture: cover crops, compost, manure, no till gardening, sheet mulching, intercropping
  • Harvested and processed by hand
  • Pollinator friendly plants and insectary plants for natural pest control
  • Endangered and at risk plants
  • Biodynamic agriculture
  • Member of United Plant Savers / Botanical Sanctuary
  • Certified Naturally Grown

small batch,We sell live plants, fresh and dried herbs, and herbal products based on what is seasonally available. 

We offer on site Farm Sales several times a year, and sell bulk herbs, both retail and wholesale . Contact us info@sacredrootswv.com for a current inventory and price sheet of what we have available. 


Online store coming this Spring !




There are so many wonderful organizations that we would like to shine  a light on. Here are just a few of our favorites. Check them out !!!

Herbalists Without Borders  https://www.hwbglobal.org/

United Plant Savers    https://unitedplantsavers.org/

The Xerces Society     https://xerces.org/