February 7th ~"Starting a Medicinal Herb Farm from Scratch" presented at Pennsylvania Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Conference Presentation


March 31st ~ Reciprocal Wildcrafting


Becoming "civilized" in the Western world has fostered the illusion that we are somehow separate from the Earth. From this vantage point, taking is the norm. Alternatively, reciprocity is the key component  in Indigenous cultures who live in close relationship with the Earth. We need only look around us to see that a taking mindset is detrimental to the well being of the world. Seeing through the lens of reciprocity - we'll walk the land and talk about some basic principals, based on Indigenous wisdom, for how we can wildcraft in a more sustainable way, based on the question of how can we give back.

$25 . 1- 3 pm





April 2nd ~ Astronomy 101



Are you curious to learn how to read and navigate by the night sky ? Join Keir Knoll for a walk through the galaxy to discover the stories, symbols and how to understand the cosmos.
8:30 -10:00 pm. $15



April 19 ~ Energetic Spring Cleaning: Make Your Own Besom






Spring cleaning has been an ancient tradition in cultures all over the world. Not just for getting rid of Winter's dust and dirt, etc., but also to clear away any old stale or stagnant energy from the previous year. A besom is a handmade broom made from a variety of plants and trees that is filled with positive  intentions and wishes, and is then hung over the door for protection. Let's celebrate the full moon by gathering plants and making our own personal besom. This event is FREE, however donations are welcome.  We will provide the plants. Feel free to bring your own adornments (yarn, ribbon, bells,etc) to add to your own or to share with the group. Text 301.452.2075 just to let us know you are coming.   7-9 pm.