July 20th ~ Plant Oracles and Beebalm Elixirs 
Plants have an innate intelligence and wisdom from having been around a very...long... time. Come celebrate the sweetness of Summer with the plants and see what messages they have for you this New Moon. We'll also be harvesting and making  elixirs to capture the essence of magnificent bee balm  flowers and the fullness of Summer. 7-9 pm. $22.
We are capping event at 20 people. Event is all outdoors. Please respect social distancing and the variety of comfort levels people have with it. Park in visitor parking and meet by herb gardens

~ Collaborating with the Living Earth

(Pre-recorded video class)

Growing vibrant food and medicine involves much more than just taking FROM the land, without a thought to giving back. Earth honoring cultures around the world have participated in regenerative agriculture as a way of life, long before organic became hip. In this class, we will focus on what regenerative agriculture means, what practices (both physical and energetic) we can implement , and how shifting our perspective and relationship from dominion over to collaboration with  the living Earth benefits the web of life.  $20 / 1 hr. Email after payment for video recording.

** We strive to make our classes/events  affordable because we believe everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, be empowered through herbal teachings, experience good health and the power of ceremony as medicine. However, if the cost of a class/event is still beyond your means, please let us know and we will work with you.