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Community Acupuncture Experience and Meditation

Wednesday, February 7th th at 7 pm

In the Yurt

With Elizabeth Baker

Join Elizabeth for this gentle yet powerful treatment opportunity.  This particular application of Auricular Acupuncture (ears only) supports pain and stress release, increases calmness and concentration, and promotes better sleep. The NADA protocol is not just about acupuncture. It’s about creating a shared space of healing stillness for 60 minutes.
Fee: $20


To register, CLICK HERE.

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Deadline to register February 14th

Limit 10 participants

This retreat will be held indoors in the Yurt.

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What is Ecstatic Chant?

Collective community call and response chants to the divine that raise your  consciousness and elevate mood. Some folks refer to it as Kirtan. Morgan W. plays the harmonium and has a lovely voice. It's typical to sit on the floor on pillows or on the Earth during, but due to the  yurt floor being pretty chilly , we'll be in chairs. Its a truly joyful experience !


 We believe that everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, to be empowered through herbal teachings, and experience good health. With that in mind, we are now offering Dandy Dollars. If the cost of a class or event is truly beyond your means, you can earn Dandy Dollars by working in the gardens and on the farm in lieu of cash payment.

Email for more info.