Self Guided Audio Herb Garden Tour 

Have you ever wanted to come for one of the garden tours, but your schedule didn't line up with when it was being offered ? We now offer Herbal Garden Tours via an audio link that you can download onto your phone and come to the gardens for a tour at your leisure. It's 45 minutes in length and walks you through the garden, plant by plant, giving you the healing properties, herbal energetics and many uses for the herbs you will meet. Tasting , touching and smelling is encouraged.

Here's how it works. You pay $20 , and we will send you the audio link. Be sure to download it before you come to ensure there are no issues with your phone. 
*Please note: We are a working herb farm. So if you see us working in the garden, we will smile and  give a wave hello, but will keep on working.


Drum Circle with Master Drummer Jona Masiya

  • Not happening in July **

1st Friday of every month. Free. West African Djembe Drums provided. Meet at Sacred Circle. 7:30-9 pm. Donations welcome.

For questions contact Jona directly.

Vision Drum with Tracy Seffers

4th Sunday of every month. Free. Handheld Frame Drums provided. Meet at Sacred Circle.  4-6pm. Donations welcome.

For questions contact Tracy directly.




** We  believe everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, be empowered through herbal teachings, and experience good health . However, if the cost of a class/event is still beyond your means, please let us know and we will work with you.