June 21st ~ Summer Solstice Ceremony ~ 7-9

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is a time honored tradition. The sun is at it's most potent and purification by fire was a common practice in most households. Nothing says summer like a Solar Fire Blessing (thanks Mountain Rose). What would you like to plant in your life, grow, harvest throughout the summer, and have it thrive into the future ? When we set intentions in collaboration with the Earth's natural rhythms... magic happens. St John's wort is a plant that happens to typically bloom right around the Summer Solstice. If igniting your prayers for self via fire (yes we deserve them too) , sipping St John's wort tea and making flower wreaths calls to you - come join us ! Free. RSVP required [email protected]com .

June 27th ~ Community Wellness Day

Everyone deserves access to restorative and nourishing self-care, regardless of income.  Enjoy a cup of delicious locally grown herbal tea, receive an herbal consult, relax with a seated massage or alternative healing modality, take an herbal or wellness-related class, savor some homemade soup from the garden, and wander through the enchanting gardens at Sacred Roots Herbal Sanctuary — ALL for FREE ! First-come, Š first-served. No proof of income necessary (May through September). 3-7 pm. Text 301-452-2075 to attend. Follow-up visits are pay what you can.