Sept 21st ~ Fall Equinox Ceremony

Balance seems like such a simple concept. Yet how often do we practice it in our daily lives ? As we celebrate the balance of light and dark this Fall Equinox, we'll do some gentle yoga balance poses (no experience necessary), enjoy some harmonizing herbal tea and reflect / share the ways that we each embody, or strive to embody, balance in our own lives. Group wisdom shared enlivens the whole. FREE. Please bring a blanket and mug for tea. Meet at Sacred Circle. RSVP to 6:30-7:30 pm.

Sept 24th ~  Fall Plant Sale 

Fall is a great time of year to plant perennials in the ground so they have time to acclimate through the Winter dormancy.
Elder, curly willow, valerian, echinacea, yarrow, bronze fennel, passion flier, prickly pear cactus, sweetgrass, feverfew, mugwort, clary sage, spearmint and lemon balm
10 am - 2 pm. Park by Herb Gardens. Bring your own cardboard box or tray for transport. Cash only.


Drum Circle with Master Drummer Jona Masiya

1st Friday of every month. Free. West African Djembe Drums provided. Meet at Sacred Circle. 7:30-9 pm. Donations welcome.

For questions contact Jona directly.

Vision Drum / Women's Frame Drum with Tracy Seffers

4th Sunday of every month. Free. Handheld Frame Drums provided. Meet at Sacred Circle.  4-6pm. Donations welcome.

For questions contact Tracy directly.




** We  believe everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, be empowered through herbal teachings, and experience good health . However, if the cost of a class/event is still beyond your means, please let us know and we will work with you.