April 13th ~ Awakening Our Root Fire

Early Spring, when the Earth energy is still stirring beneath the surface, our root fire is just beginning to awaken from Winter's slumber. The low and steady crackle of warm embers has served us well. Now begins the subtle shift from the threshold of the inner realm to the  world outside. Time to stoke that inner fire ! In our time together, we'll reconnect with that sacred spark, the root chakra and get our root fires burning brightly once again . Guided by the  heartbeat of the sacred Earth and the drum, we'll get the kundalini energy moving, through movement and song, dig some juicy roots for making medicine and surrender to the awakening*   Lead by Hillary Banachowski and Katy Gaughan  10  am – 4 pm /  $65 .  



June 7-9th ~  4th Annual Shenandoah Valley Herbal Gathering