New and Exciting News !!
We have officially received non-profit status for the educational component of Sacred Roots. In addition to our same great classes, Sacred Roots LTD will be expanding to serve a wider demographic of folks in the community. This growing season we will be teaching hands on herbal classes at the Ranson Community Garden.
Our Mission
We are serving and supporting individual and community physical health, emotional well being , and resiliency through herbal and garden based education and regenerative agriculture, and fostering healthy relationships between people and the planet.

May 15th ~ Making Baskets & Cordage w/ Jason Drevenak

This full day workshop focuses on making crafts from naturally harvested materials. We'll begin by processing and twisting Dogbane into strong practical cordage capable of binding saplings for a shelter, building a fish trap, lacing up shoes or stringing a primitive bow. Next we'll move onto the forest fringe to select and harvest different native and invasive plants that are ideal for making hand woven baskets. Students will then learn to bend and weave materials into a beautiful free form or spoked basket. All materials and tools provided. 
9am - 4 pm.  $65. Pre-registration requiredTo register contact Jason.
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May 28th ~ Comfrey Class
Learn about the healing wonders and uses of comfrey, make comfrey salve and dig your own giant comfrey plant to take home with you. Pre-registration required.$35. 4-6 pm. 

Whole Ecosystem Integration with Biodynamic Growing - Potsponed Date TBA

Biodynamic agriculture offers a wholistic way of approaching growing that weaves in all of the surrounding life systems at play. Whether it be a small backyard garden or a large farm. the practices honor all players in the dance of pollination from the earth worms and soil mircobes to the moon and stars above, and offers tips for optimal growing practices. Part ceremony and full exploration into the principles of Biodynamic agriculture. we will be activating a bio-dynamic prep together . 3-5 pm $25 . To register contact  Pre-registration required before the day of walk. 

** We strive to make our classes/events  affordable because we believe everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, be empowered through herbal teachings, experience good health and the power of ceremony as medicine. However, if the cost of a class/event is still beyond your means, please let us know and we will work with you.