We believe that listening to and honoring the land, our bodies and the plants is the gateway to true health, and that access for all is essential for a healthy world. Our mission is to serve and support individual and community physical health , emotional well being , and resiliency through herbal and garden based education and regenerative agriculture, and foster healthy relationships between people and the planet.
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May 8th - Make Your Own Spring Nesting Balls For The Birds

Did you know that you can help to encourage a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity in your own backyard?  Let's support  the birds by making  nesting balls for them to gather materials from for nest making . We'll harvest curly willow and grapevine for the base structure and fill it with bits ad pieces of natural materials from the land.

$20. 5:30-7 pm. To purchase visit

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Pick Your Own Herbal Tea Blend of The Month Club

May - September.  Come out to the gardens and pick fresh, Certified Naturally Grown herbs, and make the healing blend that is calling to you and your body at that time. Harvest times: May through September / Wednesday, or Saturday...  10-noon. $50

To purchase visit

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Spring Herbal Class Series 

Registration has been extended to  April 11th /  $150 For the series or $50 for an individual class

Enliven your beginner's mind ! Join us as we harvest and make herbal remedies together using what is seasonally available, using both cultivated and wildcrafted herbs..

To register visit
Classes meet in the Garden Pavilion from 10 - Noon. 

Dandy Dollar work trades are available for those in need. .

April 14 th ~ Rebirth and Renewal
The transition from Winter to Spring is a big one. It's just as potent as the transition from Summer to Fall / Winter. Spring time herbs are nature's support system for helping us to release the heaviness of Winter (both physically and emotionally) from our bodies to embrace the new energy of Spring.

May 26 th ~  Building Viriditas
Our vitality, or viriditas, can dampened by both internal and external factors. By recognizing them, we can choose nourishing herbs to support 'the building process" within.

June 23 rd ~ Fertility
Fertility is not just about having babies. It's a cycle open to all and comes in many flavors.... creativity, fruitfulness, and flow, just to name a few. Like the plants, we too move into the cycle of fertility and abundance as the Summer Solstice rolls around. By syncing with the herbs of late Spring / Summer,  we are able to encourage and support our juiciest selves.

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Full Circle Herb School 

Full Circle Herb Grower's School is a 9-month intensive for beginning growers with a focus on growing medicinal herbs from seed to harvest, as a potential herbal business, or for home use.

The last few years have shown a huge spike in the demand for medicinal herbs, yet we don't have enough growers! Whether you have a quarter of an acre in your backyard or more, you can grow herbs for sale....even if just one or two varieties. The seasonal cycle of an herb grower is full circle from March to November.

The program entails one full hands-on Saturday a month from 10 am - 5 pm and runs from March to November.

Cost $1200 

Limit 20 participants.
Email to register.

See Full Circle Herb Grower's School page for full details.


 We believe that everyone should: have access to the joy of getting to know the plants, to be empowered through herbal teachings, and experience good health. With that in mind, we are now offering Dandy Dollars. If the cost of a class or event is truly beyond your means, you can earn Dandy Dollars by working in the gardens and on the farm in lieu of cash payment.

Email for more info.